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Russia invented the world’s most dangerous cruise missile Zircon

Moscow: Russia invented world’s powerful and dangerous cruise missile that can target any ship with the speed of 7,400 kilometers per hour means 6 times the speed of sound and even the world’s best missile system can’t stop it.

According to the reports issued by Russia’s media said this zircon hyper sonic cruise missile is unbeaten, irresistible, it use scram jet technology to reach on target 6 times faster the sound. After several years of research and practical trials this year it got a great success.

Before only ballistic missiles have the ability to reach on hyper-sonic speed zircon is the first cruise missile which has that ability. This missile tests will be completed shortly and will also start to handover to Russian Navy till 2022.

Zircon so fast that the world’s most advanced missile defense system cannot stop it. It can be equipped with nuclear weapons. The range of zircon hyper-sonic missile will be more than 800 km.

By using Scream o jet technology zircon rapidly draws air inside which burns the fuel in the pressure. The It has no turbine that’s why there is no possibility of mechanical failure.

India and Russia are jointly working on ‘Brahmos 2’ hyper-sonic cruise missiles that will be able to fly at twice the speed of sound. It is likely that after the news of zircon technology India will insist on providing this technology for the Brahmos 2, which cause danger for whole world.

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