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“Lady Gaga’s Performance At Super Bowl” What to Expect

The Super Bowl LI Halftime show will take place on February 5, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Lady Gaga will headline the show, as part of Super Bowl LI. American singer.

Lady Gaga

B.C. Lottery spokesman Doug Cheng said, “Super Bowl betting is big. It’s kind of like the game itself, it appeals to a large audience.” Super Bowl saw $430,000 in bets placed on the game last year, through B.C. Lottery Corporation, with about $18,000 of that on novelty bets. While, the 2016 Stanley Cup drew about $261,000 in bets.

Gaga is going to take her performance at peak as she decided to have “every kid laughing,” according to recent interview with Radio Disney. May be she benefits from putting a great importance on older hits than new ones. Her latest album Joanne, has failed to be successful as her old ones “Roar” or “Dark Horse.” While “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons” hit the Pandora Top Spins Chart, they failed to enter the top 25. Here are the most popular songs of her that she can select to sing at Super Bowl like:

  • Poker Face
  • Just Dance
  • Bad Romance
  • Born This Way
  • Telephone
  • Just Dance
  • Million Reasons
  • Paparazzi

Although “Poker Face” is nearly a decade old but still it getting a lot of love as compared to other Gaga songs in both thumbs up and track station about 82000 Track Station in Past 30 days. In terms of monthly Track Station and Thumbs Up, “Just Dance” is close behind “Poker Face”. When it comes to Pandora spins, “Bad Romance” is not the top-performing song but still it has been the highest-performing song of Gaga in terms of Track Station Adds.

In terms of raw spin counts, “Telephone” is the most famous song on Pandora and close to 170 million spins to date. “Born This Way” is still seeing an ocean of fan with its empowering message, energizing rhythm and anthemic chorus. “Paparazzi,” is another wonderful choice to be made on Super Bowl, performing similar to “Born This Way”. Over the past month “Million Reasons” has been outperforming the other track off of Gaga’s Joanne in Track Station and Pandora thumbs up.

“Let see what surprise is On The Way”

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