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Japanese “Gravity Rush 2” Brilliant Game to be Played

Gravity Rush 2 also known as a Gravity Daze in Japan is a fabulous and interesting game to be played. The spoilers (you) in this game manipulate the gravity for adventures that involve a lot of butt-kicking.  A girl named Kat is the main character of this game and her powers were given to her by Dusty her cat companion. Being a magical girl, Kat can bend gravity to her every whim.  The opening of the game is done nicely and does some unexpected things to keep you on your toes. Kat becomes the gravity queen and then we find a huge city to explore in the sky. You can locally control the direction gravity pulls you in. Moreover, with volley of punches and kicks you also can beat things up and can lock onto your enemies. In Gravity Rash 2 you may have 20 or more quite long missions with a massive amount of side missions as compared to the Gravity Rash 1. It’s a great fun and exhibits a wonderful sense of humor in majority of the missions.

The story of Gravity Rush 2 represents class warfare, where the rich live above the poor and results in a distinctive pattern for the main city. Overall, the story of the game designed on theme of great deal of heart. The styling and visual design of the game is wonderful and has magnificent look from the vibrant architecture to the fun layout of the menus. The score uses leitmotif for each strata of the city that helps to reinforce the wealth of those up above compared to the poverty of those down below. The facial expressions of characters are exceptionally done and the comic based approach of story is designed remarkably. Throughout the game you may have a lot of enjoyment and its heavy play styles and new light is an interesting addition that made the game more pleasing.

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