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International Conference at Paris- Israel-Palestinian Conflict

An International conference is being held on January 15, 2017 in Paris with a major purpose to provide an opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of international community regarding Palestine & Israel peace.  The conference is aimed to establish an environment to the resumption of direct and bilateral negotiations between these two countries by giving tangible support to their efforts in order to bring and promote peace.

The Israelis rejected and refused to attend this meeting, when the French initiative has been welcomed by Palestinian side. The Palestinian Authority hopes that this conference would be a strong international endorsement of the two-state solution and a significant opportunity to criticize Israeli settlement building in territory of Palestine because it comes under the landmark UN security council resolution that have passed on 23rd of December.

In April 2014, since a US-led initiative collapsed, efforts toward a two-state solution have been at a standstill. It is being said by US and others that continued settlement has decreased the possibility of a Two-state solution to the conflict of Israel-Palestine.

An agreement was also signed by Barack Obama (US President) in September to give Israel $38bn in military aid in spite of public spats between Netanyahu and Obama.

Palestinians and Israel have been invited to hear the outcome’s of the meeting but not to participate in it. Israel rejects the international involvement and says that there is need of direct talks for settlement and they are concerned that the terms for a final agreement might be set at the conference which would undermine future negotiations.

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