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How to Keep Yourself Healthy in Winters?

In winters dry air takes away the layer of oil from skin and leave skin in painful and flaring itchy conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and severe dry skin. If heat sucks moisture out of your skin or if you stop producing moisture then there may be little cracks on your skin. It can cause inflammatory response to your skin and make it more susceptible to eczema and psoriasis. But you can take care of your skin in the following ways:

Bathe briefly:

The use of hot baths and showers make the skin dry, so you need to use lukewarm not hot water and use moisture-rich soaps especially made for sensitive skin like Aveeno and Dove. Avoid over-drying or traumatizing the skin, instead gently pet yourself and then apply moisturizers when your skin is still slightly damp. You also need to moisturize your body after therapeutic baths, such as sea salt baths or oatmeal baths.


You need to replace any moisture the dry air steals away, whether you have psoriasis, eczema or severe dry skin. Keep moisturizing your skin everyday especially in more vulnerable areas. Moisturizing helps your skin to be smooth and soft and hence keep the skin away from winter rashes.

Stay healthy:

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As the eczema and psoriasis involve immune system, so many viral, fungal or bacterial infections can make them worse. It is recommended by experts to get a flu shot if your doctor agrees and taking any other vaccination might help you to fight with infection. Other than that, take special care of your health, have healthy diet, get good exercise and sleep and keep wash your hands frequently.

Get comfortable:

Use breathable and soft fabrics like cotton instead of itchy polyester or woolens. Avoid tight fitting clothing, instead use loose-fitting to make yourself comfortable and keep your skin away from becoming irritated by perspiration. Humidifier is also being used by many people to increase the levels of moisturizers in home and the humidity level should be between 30 to 50percent.

Relieve stress:

It has found by the researchers that during stress period the ability of skin to retain water is reduced. So you need to relieve yourself from stress as much as you can. Try to do many positive things that can reduce stress level, some great ways to do that are Yoga, meditation, exercise or biofeedback. Keep yourself busy in healthy exercise make you feel peaceful and happy and perfectly reduce stress.

Keep your weight in Control:

Weight gain can be worst especially in psoriasis situation. The use of low-vegetarian and low-energy diets may improve psoriasis. So you need to be cautious to your diet in order to keep control your weight.

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