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Top 7 Employability Skills You Need for a Successful Career

Starting a successful career might be a great challenge for most of the people. You need to have some necessary skills to get the job done and make your career a successful one. Throughout our life we move across different employment sectors so we need to be flexible in different working patters. You need to be well-prepared to job change if you believe that better opportunities are waiting for you on the way. You need to set a ‘transferable skills’, skills that are generic across all sectors and not specific to one particular career path.

In every sector, the employers are often looking for some special skills which go beyond experience and qualification. To be successful in your job, you need to present a mix of skills “employability skills”, means the technical, specialist skills connected with different roles are not enough without ‘soft skills’, the skills that are transferrable between different employment sectors. These skills enable the employees to coordinate with their colleagues, solve problems, make critical decision and develop respect within the organization.

Interpersonal Skills:

Most of the time it may be a single vital factor considered by the recruiters. Interpersonal skills represent those skills that use to interact with other people within or outside of the organization. It allows you to take effective participation within your team, satisfy the clients, make decisions, negotiate, take responsibilities, manage your time efficiently and make a strong bond with your colleagues.

Communication Skills:

Communication skills are an important aspect of employability skills which cannot be ignored at any cost. Employees need to be a well-communicator both verbally and in writing. It has been proved that mostly people hired due their effective communication skills because 80% lies on it while 20% chance for technical skills. It not just about speaking and writing but body language and eye-contact also fall in this. You need to pass your message clearly and briefly without creating any misunderstanding. The need of effective communication is increases with your career progression, especially at managerial level.

Critical Thinking Skills:

It is the decision making and problem solving skill and can be a huge asset to your employer. For making decisions and solving problems you need to gather reliable information, evaluate that information for solution and then select an appropriate option based on the situation and criteria. Employees with critical thinking skills are helpful in customer service section. Creative thinkers are inventive and innovative and create new ways of doing things that will make the work environment, procedures and system more efficient.

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Presentation Skills:

In today’s dynamic organizational environment, presentation skills become necessary and this skill can take you to higher level. To become a good employee you need to be a good presenter as it required in almost every employment areas in this modern business era. Whether you are a manager, administrator or executive you should present your ideas clearly and efficiently to your colleagues or external stakeholders. Information could be presented in different forms like business plans, reports, risk assessments, research findings, and scenario planning and strategic documents.

Leadership skills:

It is the ability to influence others towards a common goal. Leaders are basically the motivators who need to motivate and encourage the employees to get the work done more efficiently. Leaders have strong self-confidence and are team players. Being a good leader you need to respect the opinions, thoughts and ideas of other team members as well. Four most important skills have been found to be possessed by a leader including communication and interpersonal skills, strategic thinking and leadership ability.

Numeracy (Number Skills):

A good employee is well aware or has understanding of numerical data, graphs, and statistics and is also a part of reasoning and decision making. It is an important skill regardless of your job position. You will be able to analyze the profitability of the company, understand the value of money while ordering or purchasing supplies etc and eventually make your decision more fruitful and relevant.

IT Skills:

IT skills are essential to find work in this growing world of technology. For becoming a good employee you need to be familiar with some computer applications. At least you should be able to send or receive emails, basic MS office, internet browsing, and spreadsheet software. These skills may increase your marketability by opening a wide range of employment opportunities.

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