Anywhere in the world, if you see a law which is protecting the rapists, you must know that this law has been prepared by the rapists!

Mehmet Murat ildan

Rape is the most severe crime being happened throughout the world. Whether it is a developed or underdeveloped part of the world, many lives have been destroyed and its ratio is continuously increasing. There are so many reasons for rape crime for instance, absence of parental control, alcohol and drug utilization, absence of religious instruction and information, worst role of media, inhumanity and females with inappropriate dressing. According to estimation each year about 325,000 females got raped in different part of the world. Most of the cases remained unreported due to the extreme social stigma on women.

This article is going to reveal the countries with highest rape crime in the world:


India ranked first in the list of highest rape crime in the world. It is also the most populated country with a population of around 1.300 billion. There are no such strict rules or standards for the awful wrongdoings. Rape is the most common crime in India and about 24,923 rape cases were reported in 2012 by the National Crime Records Bureau. This is not the exact estimation because many cases of sexual assault remained unreported. Rape crime ratio has increased considerably and in every 22 minutes a new case of rape is being appeared.

United States:

USA is a super power in the world but also have high rank in the race of rapes. With a proportion of 99% males are majorly the rapist. Most of the victims are female about 91% while 9% are males.  According to the survey conducted by the National Violence Against Women, 1 out of 6 women has experienced a rape in their lifetime. Since age of 14, more than a quarter of college-age women experienced a rape attempt. In USA outdoor rape is not common as most of the rape cases take place inside homes.

South Africa:

South Africa has the highest rape rate in the world and the country is referred as the “rape capital of the world”. It is amongst the highest incidences of baby and child rape in the world. The rate is continuously increasing and more people are being victimized especially women.


About 2,516,918 rape cases have been reported in Canada, but still it is only six percent of the total rape cases. Out of every three women one woman had experienced sexual assault and just 6% of cases were reported. According to the research conducted by Justice Institute of British Columbia, the rape cases have increased one out of every 17 women is raped and 62% of victims were injured physically, while 9% were stained or beaten.

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United Kingdom:

One of the most developed countries in the world, but badly involved in rape crime. In 2013, first ever joint Official Statistics bulletin had released by Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Home office and Office for National Statistics (ONS) on sexual violence, revealed that on average about 85,000 women are being raped in Wales and England every year.


It has been reported by UN that approximately 60% of Ethiopian women were victims of sexual violence. It is the most serious problem in Ethiopia. Girls got kidnapped by men for the purpose of marriage, and then they hide the bride and rape them till their pregnancy. Even the young girls mostly eleven years old have been kidnapped.


In Europe, Sweden has the highest rape rate level, as one woman out of every four women becomes the victim. By 2010, the country ranked as the third-highest rape crime in the world. Over the previous years, the rape crime has been increased by 58% and the country considered as the highest rates of reported rape in Europe.

Sri Lanka:

The security forces of Sri Lanka are still torturing and raping suspect. It has been continued by them since the end of civil war. The UN Multi-country Study found that 96.5% of the rapist had not experienced any legal consequences and 65.8% of them did not feel guilty. Most of them about 64.9% raped more than once.


In France until 1980, rape was not a crime. Women’s rights and safety laws are recent and the previous decrees were based on moral codes of 19th century. In 1992 a law was approved on sexual-harassment and one law passed in 2002, on moral harassment. According to the survey by government there are 75,000 rapes a year and only 10% of the cases reported. The total reported crime is 3,771,850.


In Germany, till now an estimate of 240,000 girls and women died due to this crime. Although it is a developed country and moving forward in technology but a significant rape crime rate have seen over the past years.

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