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17 Common habits that define A Strong Woman

“God made a woman to be strong and not to be trampled under the feet of men”.

A strong woman has a mature mind, positive attitude and fully aware about their self-worth. Being strong is not an easy task for most of people especially in the male dominant societies of the world. Whether its education, profession or other aspects of life, you can see the participation of women everywhere. Independent and strong women are not defined by their circumstances and family status, as they find the best in every situation and always try to improve it while maintaining her ethical values and sense of inner strength. Giving up on anything good is not included in the dictionary of a strong woman; they try hard to achieve that without considering the rumors by the people around them. Despite of some differences in appearance, education, intelligence, culture and so on, you can find some common characteristics strong women may have.


  1. Have Strong Sense of Self-Respect:

Independent and strong women never lower themselves to ugly attacks or petty bickering, as they have a deep sense of self-worth and never let anyone to disrespect them in any way.

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.

  1. Never Neglect their Careers:

Strong women always remain focused on their career and never give up on their dreams. Their lives are full of inspirations. You can find a woman as an Entrepreneur, CEO, Doctor, Engineer, Artists, Actors means a strong woman can pursue any successful career they want. In short, they never compromise with their passions.

  1. Handle their Situations Perfectly:

Whether good or bad, strong women perfectly handle their situation and never have trouble in making their voice heard. They handle their worries and always try to take the right decisions to make the situation better.

  1. Don’t Overreact to Bad Circumstances or Problems:

A strong, independent woman learns from their bad choices and don’t overreact to the bad situation that happens. Negative scenarios would be a learning process for a strong woman in which they grow more and become stronger than before.

  1. They don’t rise to the bait of haters:

Haters are everywhere right? So why concerned about that, just ignore and keep yourself busy in living the life you want and chase your dream or goal without being worried about what your haters say.

  1. Never stop learning New Skills:

A strong woman never stops learning and always tries to gain more knowledge about anything they are interested in. They never let anyone stand in the way of their education or passion.

A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done. “Marge Piercy”

  1. Never act on first impulse:

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Being an independent woman doesn’t mean that you don’t have patience, but you never act on the first impulse comes your way. Each and every decisions taken thoroughly and do the things that will truly make them happy.

  1. Stay Away from Unrealistic Expectations:

Strong women keep themselves away from unrealistic expectations and are realistically optimistic about their future. They just enjoy daydream fantasy but never let them truly affect their lives.

  1. Don’t stay in toxic relationships:

A strong woman never let the toxic actions of other people affect them. They try to avoid negativity as much as they can and if the things not work then they simply let them go.

  1. They don’t let someone else dictate their relationships:

A strong girl or woman never let anyone to control their romantic relationships, as they never want to have a partner who disrespects them, belittles them or try to control every aspect of the relationships.

  1. Have Strong control of their lives:

An independent and strong woman is perfectly in control of her decisions, choices and lifestyle. They curve their own lives and paths.

  1. Don’t Change appearance For Someone Else:

A decent or loyal partner never forces you to change the way you look just for their own benefits. If your style, hair or weight really bothers your partner then obviously they are not with you for right reasons. Any physical changes you make should not be for his attention but because you want them.

  1. Never Consider Approval from Others:

Strong women never seek validation from someone else and go forward with their own decisions. Being strong means you have grown enough to decide what’s best for you.

  1. Never Ignore Their Fears:

A strong woman never waste her energy in trying to avoid fears, instead use mental toughness to manage emotions, thoughts, behavior in a way to be successful in her life and career.

  1. Never Expect Perfect Circumstances:

It is important to learn differentiating between the pain of suffering and the pain of growing. The circumstances are not same all the time; sometimes it’s in your favor and sometimes it against you. A strong woman tries to deal with every situation perfectly.

  1. Never Miss Opportunities to Shine:

The best way to be successful is to avail opportunities come your way. Just do it well and you will different yourself from others.

  1. Never Run From Conflict:

Being a strong woman you need to be alert for any behavior from others that can influence your thoughts or emotions.

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